Antwerp LiedFest Privacy Policy


This privacy policy describes how Antwerp LiedFest collects, retains and uses your personal information. This policy does not cover websites accessed through links on the Antwerp LiedFest site. Please refer to the particular website for its privacy policy.

Antwerp LiedFest is committed to protection of your personal data and to transparency regarding the data that is stored and the use of that data. All data retained is uniquely and solely used to provide you a more personalized service and to enable us to send you relevant information about Antwerp LiedFest activities.

For questions about this policy please contact us using the contact details found at the end of this policy.

The entire policy document can be downloaded <here>


Information collection

Personal information is obtained when you contact us, join the LiedFest TV community, join our mailing list or blog, when you make a donation or when you participate or visit one of Antwerp LiedFest’s activities either through your reservation or ordering of tickets and merchandise.

Antwerp LiedFest will not seek or retrieve any personal information through any third parties.


Collected information

Personal data is collected as defined by the GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation.

The type of data that is collected may include, not limited to :

  • name, address and phone number
  • email address
  • donations, ticket-purchases and reservations
  • payment details from donations and ticket purchases. This data is not stored but merely used to allow processing a payment.
  • specific access requirements and preferences when that info is provided, i.e. at ticket booking.


How we use your information

All use of your personal information is performed in accordance with all applicable laws concerning the protection of such information.

The information is used for the following purposes:

  • to send you information you requested through either electronic or written message
  • to send you the Antwerp LiedFest Newsletter or other publications you subscribed to
  • to inform you about changes in planned events you have booked a reservation or ticket for
  • to request your feedback on your experience with Antwerp LiedFest events
  • to process payments
  • to process donations

In case you would like us not to use your information for the above purposes, you can notify us through the address provided at the end of the policy. Subscriptions to the Antwerp LiedFest Newsletter and other publications can also be cancelled according to the applicable agreement for opting-out.


Information sharing

Antwerp LiedFest will not sell, rent, trade or share your personal information with third parties, excluding the data is required in the process with our service providers to complete a request you made, such as processing a payment.

Your information may also be disclosed if required by law.


Personal information protection

Antwerp LiedFest has implemented the necessary safeguards to secure all personal information collected in our databases. The data is kept up to date when possible with the input you provide. All agreements with service providers or partners that use any of your personal data cover the sensibility and security of that information.


Data retention

Antwerp LiedFest stores your personal information for as long as it is needed for the purposes listed in this policy and within the legal limits for such storage.

Purchase data is retained according to the governing tax laws.

Donation data is retained indefinitely, except if you notify us of your preference to have the your personal information removed from our records.


Access to your information

Antwerp LiedFest will, upon your first request provide you all the information we hold from you. Use the website contact page or the contact details at the end for the policy.

Antwerp LiedFest will update your stored personal information immediately after reception of your notification of change. I.e. your address change.


Contact informatie

In case you want to contact us with questions about our Privacy policy or the personal information we have stored from you, please contact us via email:


Policy versioning

This policy is regularly updated and aligned with our activities. Changes to it are announced on the website.

Last update: 19/08/2020


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